Teach me about Pure Iso Whey Protein

Here we are going to go over our Pure Iso Whey Protein. We truly believe we have some of the best tasting protein on the market and those who have tried it seem to agree. We have two flavors Chocolate Peanut Butter and our custom flavor Canadian Maple Donut. Our protein is 100% Whey, no blends or fillers. 

Pure Iso Whey Protein

Serving size 1 scoop (28.2g)

Nutrition Facts:

Calories                 125

Total Fat                 1.5g

Saturated Fat         1g

Cholesterol             5mg

Sodium                   90mg

 Potassium             150mg

Total Carbs             <1g

Sugars                    <1g

Protein                     24g

Calcium                    15.00

Benefits of Pure Iso Whey Protein

* Promotes Muscle Growth

* Lower Blood Pressure

* Can help treat type 2 diabetes 

* Help the bodies antioxidant defenses 

* Filling and helps reduce hunger

* Boosts metabolism

* Helps maintain lean muscle mass

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