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Our custom creation!

Our Pure-Iso  Maple Donut flavor is uniquely our own. We have had Candian Maple Donut created in a new flavor testing lab specifily for this product. After many trials we can proudly say we have found the perfect flavor mix that is sure to go above and beyond expectations. 

Our Promise

All of us here at Workhorse Fitness have one goal. That goal is to help everyone live a healthier and happier life. Often times fitness can feel intimidating to someone new to the world of weight lifting, eating right and exercising. We understand that culture and make it our mission to never make anyone feel out of place for trying to better themselves and become who they have always wanted to be. We are here to assist you in reaching your full potential. Our products are not miracle products, and any company that claims they have products that can soley cause weightloss or muscle gain is simply untrue. The changes come from you, it will be your hardwork and dedication that ultimately get you to where you desire. We promise to only use the highest quality ingridents in our products never any shortcuts or fillers. Are you ready to take the step to a new life? The choice is yours.